Let The Data Speak

As he treks across Antarctica to study the effects of climate change, Parker Liautaud rides a wave of data—data about Antarctica, data about conditions along his route, data produced by social media observers around the world.

Parker is driven by data, and EMC is a data company. We build software and hardware infrastructure that stores, manages, and protects data. A big part of our business involves helping our customers manage giant information sets called Big Data. Businesses rely on Big Data to succeed and compete, and they use it as part of wider efforts to create sustainable business models for the future—another central corporate commitment for EMC.  We sponsor the Willis Resilience Expedition because of data’s role in its success.

Big Data finds its voice in data visualizations. At EMC’s Santa Clara, California Executive Briefing Center, we operate a Big Data analytics think tank called the Marketing Science Lab, EMC’s “DataLab” for analyzing and visualizing stores of information to support our business and help customers learn what Big Data can do for theirs.

For the Willis Resilience Expedition, we are helping Parker Liautaud bring Big Data to life, creating a series of visualizations to put Parker’s Antarctic adventure in context:

Antarctic Climate: Changes in temperature, snowfall, ice coverage, sea level, and other conditions.

Social Listening: What the world is saying about climate change on Twitter, blogs, communities, message forums, and other social platforms.