“Social listening” is the search for trends and insights from the billions of publically-available posts on Twitter, blogs, communities and other social platforms. The visualizations below illustrate what the world is talking about when the conversation turns to climate change, Antarctica, and the Willis Resilience Expedition. The data behind the visuals was gathered starting September 1, 2013, and is updated weekly. Check back to see how it’s changing!

Climate Change BuzzGraph

A BuzzGraph is a word association graphic that displays relationships between key words and phrases in social media conversations, in terms of how often they appear together in digital content. A bold line indicates a strong relationship between words, a normal line indicates a moderate relationship, and a dashed line indicates a weaker relationship. In this BuzzGraph, the words displayed were generated by search queries on climate change, Antarctica, and the Willis Resilience Expedition.

EMC Buzz Graph

Social Chatter Map and Who’s Talking about Climate Change?

Using location data from recent social media posts about climate change, Antarctica, and the Willis Resilience Expedition, the Social Chatter Map shows how climate change conversations are distributed around the world. Is it the boys or the girls? Here’s what gender identifiers in social media posts we reviewed starting September 1 tell us about who’s joining the climate change conversation most and from where.

Social Chatter on Climate Change Over Time and Source starting September 1, 2013

Social Trend Analysis monitors what’s being said and where among social media platforms. A spike in climate change conversation, for example, might help identify an emerging issue ready to enter the mainstream. Twitter traffic jumped around September 23 with release of a climate change report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an international group formed by the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization to assess the science related to climate change.

Climate Change Word Cloud

A Word Cloud displays key words used in social media conversations on a given topic—the larger the font, the more a word has been used. The words in this cloud come from social conversations on climate change, Antarctica, and the Willis Resilience Expedition since September 1, 2013.

EMC Word Cloud