Behind the Scenes: Documenting Willis Resilience in Iceland

18th October 2013, 03:48pm

Parker Liautaud and the Willis Resilience Team have been back out in Iceland continuing preparations in the countdown to the expedition.

One of the key elements of the expedition will be to create an incredible online-user experience, which directly brings the expedition to people via live video streams and data feeds, which will relay different statistics from the weather conditions to his heart rate, so that users can experience what the Antarctic is really like on the ground. The Willis Resilience Mission Control will be the hub for all this activity.

The creation of an interactive communications platform will be brought to life through the expedition truck, which will carry the necessary gear to allow 24-hr coverage. The Willis Truck will provide logistical support to the scientific and survey phases whilst streaming live video and data online to a global audience – two Iridium Pilot systems and a remote camera rig have been built into the truck to make this all possible.

Alongside Parker’s physical training, the communications team have been testing and familiarising themselves with all the technical gear that will enable the live streams and feeds – this is an essential part of the expedition that goes on in the background.