Day 11: Willis Resilience Whiteout

17th April 2013, 11:41am

“Today we did 17 nautical miles in 11-hours. We had a whiteout all day. We are about 132 nautical miles to the South Pole.

It was a hard day. I am not going to lie. We had whiteout basically from start to finish; a little bit of sun in the morning. The navigation and terrain were not very easy. The snow has been really sticky; it is very difficult to move the sled.

But we stuck at it and focused and did our 11-hours. We buckled down and I am really proud of what we managed to do today, which is around 32km (17 nautical miles). If we can miraculously manage to maintain this average, we could get to the pole in 8 days.

We can’t know anything for sure but we are just going to get up and do everything that we possibly can again tomorrow and see if we can do something similar.

Big milestones coming up ahead: 88º South, 2º from the South Pole. We hope to reach that tomorrow; that’s around 12 – 13 nautical miles away. I really hope that we can pull something out of the bag to get past the 100 miles to the Pole mark, which we will hopefully get to, 2 days from now.

 We are going to keep doing our best and remain positive.


Thank you for following the expedition. “

Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Expedition Explorer

“It has been a whiteout virtually all day. […] The wind has died down quite a bit and the skiers have been making some slow but good progress.


We did a couple of live streams today: a good interview with Parker and CNN this morning around 1030 GMT, so that’s all good.

We also rendezvoused with a team from Arctic Trucks who were coming from the South Pole and we were able to refuel and get some more supplies. They gave us some bacon and a frying pan, which is particularly good news. So we might even have some bacon for breakfast tomorrow, which has raised spirits.



 We are running low on cheese, which is a bit annoying. We are probably going to run out before we get to the South Pole.

Everything is pretty good.  We are hoping Parker had a better day; he has had a couple of tough days but like I say they are making good progress. We are hoping to be at the South Pole within the next 10 days or so.”

 – Nathan Hambrook-Skinner, Willis Resilience Expedition Communications Director