The Final Countdown

18th November 2013, 04:13pm

Teenage polar explorer and Willis Resilience Expedition Leader Parker Liautaud is packing his bags this week before setting off for the start of a 40 day expedition to collect scientific data, pilot a new model of weather station and attempt a speed record from the Antarctic Coast to the South Pole.
Weighing in at around 80kg, Parker’s kit will keep him alive in the world’s most inhospitable continent.

Everything Parker takes with him is geared towards survival and performance. Polarised goggles will protect him from snow blindness and an insulated jacket will keep him warm and dry in temperatures as low as -60ºC. In his pulk, Parker Liautaud will carry everything he will need during the 22 day trek to the South Pole: his food, his tent, supplies and essentials such as a crevasse rescue kit containing carabiners, slings, ice-screws, pulleys and ropes.

“It feels surreal that the expedition is about to begin. After two years of careful planning and preparation we are finally ready to start our journey to the South Pole. We are not only aiming to set a new world record, but more importantly we will be collecting data that will contribute to understanding our changing world. I am excited about taking on the challenge that lies ahead and I know that with the support team I have around me this expedition will be a huge success. Although I will have no contact with the incredible Antarctic truck ‘Ice Broker’ while attempting the ski record, it will be tracking my every move and allowing you to follow our journey with a live stream via” – Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Expedition Leader