Ice Broker is Unveiled at The Willis Building, London

8th November 2013, 02:59pm

On 7 November at The Willis Tower, London a mysterious spectacle had appeared in front of the entrance to the building.

The unveiling of the Willis Resilience Expedition Truck was to be presented by Deputy CEO, Steve Hearn to members of the Willis Group along with the official naming of the Truck. The customised Toyota Hilux 6×6 Truck fitted out by Arctic Trucks, is set to act as the communications hub on the ground in the Antarctic for Willis Resilience, allowing live streaming of the expedition as it unravels.

At 1pm, Deputy CEO Steve Hearn pulled back the cover and presented the Truck to the huddled crowd, revealing the name to be Ice Broker.

In the flesh, the truck stands at 6m longs and over 2 m, with  6x 44 inch wheels mounted on 3 axels. Safe to say, such an impressive vehicle caught not only the attention of Willis Group Members, but caused a whole host of passers-by to stop and take pictures and learn more about the Willis Resilience Expedition.

In the evening, an intimate reception was held within The Willis Tower to allow members from Willis Group and friends to take the chance to wish Parker well on his expedition. Both Parker and Deputy CEO Steve Hearn addressed the group of attendees, with Steve Hearn recounting how he remembered receiving Parker’s first email, explaining how he was intending to go to the South Pole to help contribute to climate change science and if he thought Willis Group would be interested in his proposal.

Fast forward to present day and Parker and Steve Hearn stood abreast from each other as they chatted about all the preparations and work that had go into making Willis Resilience a reality.

On the morning of 8 November, media and news representatives were invited down to Temple to experience a ride in Ice Broker and given the chance to speak with Parker. Passers-by would have caught a glimpse of Ice Broker passing by several of London’s most iconic locations including Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and The Strand.