Parker Liautaud, 29-miles and counting after day 17

23rd April 2013, 02:00pm

“It’s the end of day 17, we are 29 miles from the South Pole, I’m very excited and we had a great day today, we did 18.2 nautical miles, for Doug and I on this expedition that is a new record for the number of miles south so far, it’s our best yet.

We’re trying to really push it, we’ve had a really great day, a lot of hard work, great weather for most of the day, was really hot and all we were wearing was our shell jackets and a couple of our base layers for most of the day.

We just hope we have a good day tomorrow so that we might be able to get our selves off to a good start but you never know what could happen so we can’t guarantee anything, just going to get up tomorrow […] and hopefully have a good day. I’m very happy i’m here and i’ve just crawled into my sleeping bag, thank you to those who are still following and have a great day.”

– Parker Liutaud, Willis Resilience Explorer