Parker Liautaud updates after arriving in Antarctica

30th November 2013, 10:39am


Willis Resilience Explorer, Parker Liautaud updates from the team’s first day on the ice in Antarctica.

“We had a really great first day. I think we are all really psyched to be here.

We got the call yesterday evening to come down to the airport for a 12-1am flight. We arrived at Union Glacier around 9am and we didn’t get much sleep but we were preparing the truck all day, preparing the science, preparing our gear, doing safety briefings … and then eventually we were ready to go and we started and we just took off.

So we’ve done about 80km total in the truck. We had some pretty difficult conditions in the snow. We landed in beautiful conditions but within a couple of hours it was just  a whiteout. We had whiteout all day but it is ok, it’s pretty warm, it’s probably only -10C. We are around about 80° south. I think we just hit 80° which is around 600 nautical miles away from the South Pole or 1,100km.

The team is pretty tired tonight. I wanted to get the first of the cores (Ice cores/snow cores) but even though we are feeling pretty beat, we are pretty lucky to actually… be at a very good sampling site but I think we are going to do it tomorrow morning just before we head off, because I think everyone just needs a really good night’s sleep and I want to be able to do this ice core properly.

When we were back in the truck earlier, we went to prepare all the documents and stuff for the sampling notes tomorrow.

I am just very happy to be here, very excited, very humbled – it’s amazing to be in Antarctica.”

Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Explorer

Click here to listen to Parker’s full voice blog from Antarctica.