Parker Liautaud: Day 1 Gets Off To A Good Start

7th December 2013, 01:21pm

“We had around a 9:00am GMT, 6:00am  our time […] launch, which was streamed live on the website and that was really incredible opportunity to do that.

Doug and I set off from the Ross Ice Shelf. We started to work our way towards the Leverett Glacier.

The views here are absolutely incredible, clear skies and it is just an amazing place. The mountains all in front of us […] and there are glaciers that snake through all the way along […] for hundreds of miles in both directions.

It was really great to have clear skies for that and we have set off and some good energy. The surface of the snow has actually been pretty good, really good in fact. We will be moving pretty fast.

We did hit some deeper snow, which caused a little bit of problems for moving and positioning of the sled. Later on in the day, around that time I also lost some energy. I was feeling good before then. […] It is the first day, everyone was pumped and ready to go, but around that time, about 8 hours in, I just lost all energy – it was really hard. “

-Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Explorer