Parker Liautaud: Day 13, The 100-mile Milestone Broken To The Pole

19th April 2013, 10:19am

“A beautiful day outside. We had some great weather today […]

We did today 16.7 nautical miles in 11-hours. We are getting into the rhythm of things, with the final stretch here.

A big milestone broken today, which is 100 miles to the pole. We are now 99.98 nautical miles away and it is very exciting. I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

We are hopefully going to continue this pace […]. Two days ago we did 17 nautical miles, yesterday we did 16 nautical miles, today we did 16.7 nautical miles – all around 29 – 33km – which I would really like to maintain and we are just going to keep going for it.

The team are doing great; both Doug and me are in good spirits. It is just tiring but nothing unusual though. We had a good day today and made our distance; I am happy with it.

There was a little bit of cloud on the horizon in front of us but every time we got close to it, it just seemed to scatter. I guess today was our lucky day, I don’t know if we will be as lucky tomorrow but hopefully we will have some good weather. “

 – Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Expedition Explorer