Parker Liautaud: Day 16, The Pole Is Close But Still Not Without A Challenge

22nd April 2013, 02:24pm

“We skied for 11 hours in great conditions, really no wind. It is blisteringly hot in the tent. We did 17.2 nautical miles today, which is great because we did a little bit more than the average we need to get to the Pole in the time we wanted, which is to try and do 15 [nautical miles] per day at least.

We now have 47 [nautical] miles to go. It is ridiculously close and I am getting very excited. I think in a couple of days we will be able to see the actual South Pole station. I am very, very excited.

But we still are basically in the middle of the expedition. We are not at the end of it. We have to be focused and don’t become complacent with anything and make sure our systems are tight. We still have, even with the best of conditions, a few days to go and we have no idea what is going to happen in the next couple of days.

[We passed] 89° South today, which was a great milestone.”

– Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Expedition Explorer