Parker Liautaud: The Hard Part is Over After Day 3

9th December 2013, 06:08pm


“It is the end of day 3. We have made excellent progress. Day 1 we did 19.6 nautical miles (36km). Day 2 we did 18.1 nautical miles in 11hr 45mins. We got up to 5,200 feet in altitude. Then today we did an additional 14.5 nautical miles in 11hrs to bring us to almost exactly 86º South, which is 240 nautical miles (450km) from the South Pole.

I am very pleased with our progress. I think that to go uphill, up a glacier, nearly 100km in 3 days is a really great start. Today was really difficult. We went uphill [all day] and it was the last part of the Leverett Glacier. It was very steep near the end and so it was tough but we got some good mileage in.

Now we are in a great mood because we have reached the top of the Leverett Glacier, which is really the hardest part of the expedition. So from here is should be mostly flat.

There are a couple of issues: I have a couple of light medical issues – nothing too serious – just standard things that need to be dealt with, like a rash and back pain. Other than that, we are working on it and dealing with it. We are all feeling great.


It was really great to be able to have a view of the Antarctic mountains. I think that  it is probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

We made our way through the glacier and across the mountains and we are pretty much out of it now. That’s all behind us. “

Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Explorer

Parker shared his thoughts on his Coast-to-Pole Speed World Record prior to him setting off after concluding the scientific phase of the expedition.