Willis Resilience Team Bonding

28th November 2013, 01:41pm


Over the last week, the Willis Resilience team have remained grounded in Punta Arenas due to bad weather condition: everyone has been helping to prepare all the kit and equipment, from packing Ice Broker to labelling sample pots for Parker Liautaud’s scientific research  and it has certainly been a significant team effort to make sure that everything is ready to go once they touch at Union Glacier.

Willis Resilience has brought together five unique individuals from different backgrounds to assemble a team who will undertake this ground-breaking expedition. The last few days has been the first chance for all five of them to get to know each other and has allowed for some much needed team bonding. During the expedition, each and every team member will face significant mental and physical challenges, which will require at times their new found friendships and trust to get through.

The team anticipates to hopefully fly out of Punta Arenas this evening, which means they will be spending Thanksgiving preparing to fly out to Antarctica.

While most Americans will be spending Thanksgiving with their families, Parker Liautaud will be surrounded by his team mates, who for the next few weeks will be his only human contact on the ice.

Fellow adventurer, Doug Stoup will be Parker’s partner on the unsupported World Record attempt and the challenge the two team members face will surely create a strong bond between them as they race to reach the South Pole.

The latest update from Doug in Punta Arenas suggests that the longer than anticipated wait will soon be at an end:

“The fuel flight went out 12:30am Chilean time. The Ilyusian will return 10-11am this morning and we will take the truck to the airport and we will be informed on departure at 2pm Chilean time. My estimate is that we will depart around 10-12 tonight. Weather looks good at Union.”

-Doug Stoup, Willis Resilience Expedition Partner