Weather Conditions Begin To Turn On Day 7 Of The Willis Resilience Expedition

13th December 2013, 05:54pm

“We did 12.1 nautical miles, which is around 20km. […]

We have 193 nautical miles to go before the South Pole, so today was good because we broke the 200-mile milestone I had been looking forward to. The next one is the 87º mark, which is 13 nautical miles from now.

 Today was a hard day […] conditions really changing. We have been very lucky so far with everything: weather, surface, it has been beautiful up until now.

Yesterday we have had some 20 – 30 knots of wind and that was the first indication of some harsher weather. Today we had a consistent 35 – 40 knots of wind, just blowing in our faces.”

Listen to Parker Liautaud’s full update from Day 7 of the Willis Resilience Expedition: