Willis Resilience Expedition Day 9: Slow but steady progress

16th December 2013, 12:27pm

“A pretty good day today – for us at least. The skiers [Parker & Doug] have not been doing so well.

Conditions again have not been very good: about -30ºC plus winds from the East, side on for the skiers who are obviously going directly South.

It’s not all that helpful; they can’t really make all that much progress. I think 24km is what they have done today and pitched camp. It is whiteout conditions at the moment, about -20ºC, -30ºC with the wind chill.

Saturday: it is a bit of a slower day we are not doing any live streaming and the media stuff.  We have just been following them for the course of the day. Everything here is fine. We are hoping that conditions improve soon so the skiers can start making some better headway.”

– Nathan T Skinner, Willis Resilience Expedition Communications Director


“We had a challenging day, a little bit disappointing. We started off with great conditions [which changed into] complete whiteout. Very, very difficult to navigate, almost impossible. High winds, probably 10 – 30 knots. A difficult situation and I just didn’t feel great on the ice either.

Then again […] even though we didn’t get the distance we wanted, we did manage to do nearly 14 nautical miles, which I am actually with given the circumstances. I think that we did a good job taking advantage of the time that we had from the beginning of when we started to the time that the whiteout began and also that we powered through the a good couple of hours of pretty bad conditions. We did have to finish early and I think that we could have done more but in a way we didn’t waste today.

We did get in a good 13.7 nautical miles.

We are now at around 87º 16S which about quarter of the way to 88º

[…] and we are just going to try and have a good day tomorrow and just do as much as we can again. The wind has dropped and the sky has cleared but I can guess we can only hope for the best.”

– Parker Liautaud, Willis Resilience Expedition Explorer