Willis Resilience Expedition Scientific Research Underway

4th December 2013, 03:04pm

Three distinct scientific research programs are currently underway in Antarctica as the Willis Resilience team is on phase one of the expedition, to help to contribute to a better understanding of how the climate is changing.

Phase one of the expedition – the science phase – is a coast-to-pole-to-coast survey, covering thousands of kilometers of un-tested Antarctic territory  to collect valuable data to contribute to a deeper understanding of global climate patterns.

Parker and the team are supported by Ice Broker a 2.6 ton custom-built 6 wheel Toyota Hilux truck, which provides logistical support to the team as they take samples from the polar ice cap at intervals during the route.


From the South Pole, Ice Broker will take Parker and his expedition partner Doug Stoup to the start point of their World Record ski attempt, which begins from the Ross Ice Shelf.

Parker touched down in Antarctica on November 29, and is expected to take approximately 6 days to reach the South Pole during this first phase of the expedition.

A supporter of Parker’s scientific research is Rowan Douglas, head of the Willis Research Network , who strongly believes in the expedition’s role of contributing in a better understanding of climate change.

“The Isotope transects that Parker is undertaking are new to science, and they will help us understand what has been happening in the Antarctic over the passed 50 years in great detail. The Antarctic is like a canary in the cage for the wider weather system, and the data that Parker is collecting will then inform the climate and weather models that our science partners are using, which in turn will inform the models that we use to inform the models that we use to manage the capital for insurers and re-insurers around the world.”

– Rowan Douglas, Head of the Willis Research Network

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