Willis Resillience and The Guardian

2nd December 2013, 09:12am


As part of a partnership with The Guardian, Parker Liautaud and the Willis Resilience Expedition featured across the Environment, Business, Science and Technology website pages.

The nature of the expedition naturally draws attention to the topic of climate change and The Guardian communicates some of the leading voices and comment on the topic. We hope its readership will engage with the expedition and enjoy the live broadcast debates which are being conducted on weekdays from 0830-0930 GMT, as well as the live feed from Antarctica.

The current news from Antarctica is that Parker and the Willis Resilience team are currently on the first leg of the expedition, which is aimed at conducting a series of scientific research programmes to contribute to the understanding of the effects of climate change. This will take them from Union Glacier to the South Pole, driving in their custom built 6×6 Toyota Hilux, which is named Ice Broker.

The World Record attempt will see Parker Liautaud and his partner, Doug Stoup, then race from the south coast of Antarctica, on the Ross Ice Shelf, to the South Pole. This will be an unsupported attempt, so Parker and Doug will be skiing with all their gear and equipment loaded into their pulks which they will pull behind them. There is no question that this will be a true test of resilience for our intrepid Willis Resilience explorers.