Training For Strength, Stamina and Injury Prevention

In between handing in assignments and attending lectures, Parker has been spending as much time training in and around Yale’s university campus as possible.

Intense gym work-outs, long runs and tyre-pulling sessions have been a major part of Parker’s schedule since the start of the spring semester. He’s worked hard to develop his core strength, physical stamina and flexibility.

I’m happy with how training has gone for this expedition. It’s been hard work but I feel in great shape and ready to take on the challenge.

Not only does Parker require the fitness needed to cover the target mileage and pull a heavy pulk each day, he also requires the suppleness needed to prevent muscular injury. Any sprain or tear could rapidly end his record bid.

Parker’s training programme has been put together with the help of Shamim Cortazzi and has been specially designed to combat this.

Every training session has had a core stretching and flexibility component. It’s really going to help me in Antarctica.

Whilst expedition food will help fuel Parker to the Pole, he will be burning upwards of 6,000 calories each day on the speed record attempt. He will need to call upon extra fat reserves, so Parker has also had to put on weight.

It’s been a long road, but Parker feels in shape and ready for Antarctica.


The Kit


Polar expeditions mean planning for the worst nature has to offer, so kit selection must take into account survival and performance. Parker will wear:

Polarised goggles to protect from him from snow blindness and spindrift.

An insulated jacket supplied by Mountain Hardwear which has been tested to keep the wearer warm and dry in temperatures as low as  -60°C

Ski bottoms supplied by Mountain Hardwear are waterproof and highly breathable.

Technical base layers to wick away moisture and retain body heat.

Mitts to keep hands warmer than gloves can.

Boots  that clip into cross-country skis with integrated gaiters to prevent snow and moisture ingress

Parker will also be taking:

Pulk and harness to pull kit, food, tent and supplies

Tent that Parker and Doug will rest and sleep in

Sleeping Bag, ultra-thick for subzero temperatures.

Suunto Ambit 2 – biometrics wrist device.

Crevasse Rescue Kit – carabiners, prusiks, slings, ice-screws, pulleys and rope.