Testing The Resilience of the Human Spirit

The Willis Resilience Expedition will take place in one of the most important places on earth for the study of climate change.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that faces humanity and business today.

“We live in an increasingly fragile and constantly changing world and Willis is on the front line helping people and businesses to rebuild when disaster strikes. Truly to build resilience to extreme weather risks, we need a detailed understanding of our climate.

Using the past as well as advanced mathematics as tools for predicting future patterns is fundamental to the insurance industry and this is why we are proud to be part of an expedition that uncovers new data on historic climate patterns and shares this with scientists around the world. The heart of this expedition is closely aligned to Willis’ everyday business: using analytics and cutting edge science to overcome challenges and build resilience to risks.

We look forward to cheering Parker on as he embarks on what will be not just an extraordinary adventure, but a true test of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.”

Dominic Casserley, Willis Group CEO

Since its founding in 1828, Willis has helped clients to explore new frontiers, mitigate natural and man-made risks, and achieve through human endeavor what many thought impossible.

Building resilience requires knowledge and awareness to be able to prepare for change. It also requires new insights, a deep understanding of underlying trends and a measure for the impact change can have.

To help illustrate this, Willis is proud to be working in partnership with EMC, the global leader in data management, on the Resilience expedition.

Using its suite of big data analysis tools, EMC will explore historic Antarctic weather data and visualise the global level of awareness of climate change in social discussions online.

Together with Parker and the expedition team breaking new boundaries on the ground, the Willis Resilience Expedition sets out to add another pioneering moment to the company’s remarkable history.