Setting A New ‘Coast-to-Pole’ Speed Record

Parker Liautaud aims to set a new world record for skiing across Antarctica from Coast-to-Pole, covering 397 miles (640km).

The goal is to set a new world record for an unsupported Coast-to-Pole crossing. Parker aims to average around 18 miles (30km) a day for 22 days. If he reaches the Pole, he will become the youngest male to do so.

He has set himself the target of 22 days; this will take place two years after the ‘Coast-to-Pole’ record was set by 35 year old Norwegian Christian Eide on a different route. In 2011, Eide took 24 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes and averaged 46.98km each day. This incredible feat was achieved unsupported, solo and unassisted.

While not attempting to break Eide’s record, Parker will be attempting to achieve his own goal unsupported, in a two-man team, with the Willis truck in pursuit filming the attempt.

“Christian Eide’s record was the inspiration for this speed attempt and I wish to take nothing away from his extraordinary achievement. My ‘Coast-to-Pole’ speed attempt takes place on a different route. It’s still going to be physically rigorous and testing. I’m sure to learn a lot about myself in the process. “